Sex is Not a Dirty Word

Sex, a word whispered between lovers in bed, made fun of in movies and scarcely discussed against friends.

Yet they say that sex sells and it certainly does! If you look at the adverts we see every day, a lot of them are sexy or use sex to get their products into your home.

Open discussion about sex is the way forward. We need to change the conversation about sex, and turn it from negative and taboo to being about desire, pleasure and sexuality.

A Sexual Revelation

In recent years we have seen a sexual uprising with books like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and the movies that told us it was okay to be sexual beings and to have desires. The ‘Magic Mike’ movies proved that there is more to the world of adult entertainment than the typical stereotype portrayed to us in the media. Even recent events like SEXPO are drawing more and more crowds. People looking to find new ways to celebrate and explore their bodies. Sex is becoming more acceptable, but we still have a long way to go. The more sex becomes acceptable, the safer it becomes.


Sex Is Not Shameful

We spend a lot of time policing sex and policing bodies. This was seen with the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign that has been going on for years with Facebook and Instagram, which is about gender equality and removing the sexual connotations and shame from women’s breasts.

The act of sex itself is a biological urge. One that makes us feel good, through the releasing of some pretty powerful hormones.  When we stigmatise sex, it can lead to some very damaging things. Such as a lack of education for young adults on sex. Leaving them vulnerable to not having good sexual experiences as they grow older. It can deprive people from intimate physical connection that their bodies crave out of fear of being chastised.  
Making sex shameful only works to limit sexual expression. It completely inhibits open sexual communication as well as making wanting and needing sexual pleasure seem abnormal when it is not. Desire for men and women, should not have shame attached to it. 

So how can you be part of the change?

Learn to love yourself and be open and honest with the people that you love. Discover what you like sexually and find ways to discuss it with others. We have a few amazing hampers here [Link here] that could help you find out what you like. Feel sexy because you are sexy. Lastly, respect those who have different sexual choices to you.

Reclaim your sexuality. Don’t be afraid or worried about what others think of sex. Live your best sexual life and others will surely follow. We are all in this together! 

Sex is so much more than a taboo whispered word, it is passionate, it is primal. It is instinctual.

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