How to Choose the Right Bedroom Accessories

Discovering what you like in the bedroom can be a fun and satisfying activity. Here are some handy tips to help you find the right bedroom accessories for you and your partner.

  1. Start With An Open Discussion And Some Research

Communication, communication, communication! That is the first step in this intimate process. You both need to feel comfortable in trying out some new toys and be able to have an open discussion as you do it. You need to make sure there is a level of trust between the two of you so that you can make sure that the experience is good for everyone.

Research is also vital, make sure you know what toys do what. Also make sure that you buy your toys from a reputable shop and that they are quality toys. A lot of the toys feature electricity and you want to make sure you are putting only the best so close to your sensitive areas!

  1. Test Out Some Toys

Shop for toys together or get one of our hampers to try a sample of different toys that you both might enjoy. As the old saying goes ‘don’t knock it until you have tried it’. The market is full of toys to suit everyone’s needs and bodies. With everything from cock rings, to multi setting vibrators, to sex swings. Try something new and you might be surprised just how much you enjoy it.

  1. Try A Sex Game

A great way to break down some barriers and to help make the play more fun is a sex game. There are some brilliant ones on the market, but you could also just make it simple with a game of truth or dare. You could also just write down some sexy questions to ask each other to help learn more about one another and become more intimate. The world is your oyster with this one, this is all about having fun and exploring one another so you can work out what works best for you.

  1. Get Hands On

Massage candles are a great way to ease into sexual play. (And they leave your skin feeling amazing too!) We love the Lelo massage candle which is made from soy wax, shea butter and apricot kernel oil. They smell amazing, sensuous and aromatic – a great way to set the mood. You can get one here [link] in our Deluxe Hamper for couples.

  1. Make Sure You Have The Right Lotions And Potions

Nobody wants to use a dirty sex toy. Make sure you have stocked up on things like toy cleaner and wipes to help keep everything sexy and sanitary. There are plenty of different products on the market such as the Lelo Toy Cleaner – an easy spray on cleaner, that we offer in some of our hampers.

Having the right lubes and personal moisturisers can not only make play more fun but also make sure that it is a pleasurable experience for everyone involved. Again, you can either buy quality products from reputable shops or speak to your physician or healthcare provider and they may be able to recommend something suitable for you.

So have fun with it and explore the right bedroom accessories for you safely and with lots of open lines of communication. You might be shocked at about what works for you. 


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