Everyone Needs to Own a Sex Toy

Owning a sex toy is a basic need for most people. The ability to guarantee pleasure is vital. The benefits both physically and mentally of being able to have satisfaction sexually are too great to pass up. Not only that but in owning a sex toy and exploring what makes you feel good in the bedroom you are more able to communicate with someone else what works for you.

Scene from Fifty Shades of Grey

Popular tv shows and movies have certainly increased the popularity of sex toys and they have become more accessible and more variable. There are toys out there that to suit everyone, whether that’s different shapes, sizes and strengths.

Sex toys have been around since the beginning of recorded history, stone dildos are painted on cave walls. Luckily, we live in an age where we have an enormous amount of choice when it comes to sex toys with many retailers offering good quality toys! Such as Luxotic Adult Hampers check out our shop here. https://luxotichampers.com.au/

Phallic Pieces from around 12,000 BC

Masturbation is still a term that carries a certain stigma and it shouldn’t. Studies have proven the health benefits of masturbation and we should not be ashamed to do it. It is important that when we are talking about sex toys that we are thinking about more that vibrators. Male sex toys are equally as important. Something that we at Luxotic fully understand and have addressed with our Hampers for him

It has been shown that when women use vibrators, their libido and sexual desire increases. ‘The Centre For Sexual Health Promotion’ conducted a survey of 2,000 women and found that those using vibrators experienced more desire, arousal and lubrication. Don’t ignore the other areas! Stimulating your nipples is great for improving your libido too.

Not only is there ample choice but there is also so much information available to help you make the right choice for you and your partner (if you are looking for toys together). Check out our article on How to choose the right bedroom accessories here. https://luxotichampers.com.au/blogs/news/how-to-choose-the-right-bedroom-accessories

Buy some sex toys and be open in your discussion of sexual preferences! Use sex toys to discover your own pleasure and enjoy more orgasms!

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